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CARHARTT - is known for its work clothes, such as jackets, coats, overalls, coveralls, vests, shirts, and fire resistant clothing. Carhartt sponsors blue-collar organizations and events such as the National FFA Organization and rodeos. Orange Madison Co-Op is proud to carry this clothing line.  

YANKEE CANDLES - Large Classic Jar Candles are the perfect size candle for all your go-to fragrances. You'll get the longest burn out of its 22-oz. size—perfect for all those dinner parties, lazy Saturdays and a season's worth of little moments. Each is made in America with premium-grade paraffin of the finest quality ingredients from around the world. And each wick is straightened by hand to ensure the very best quality burn. (110-150 hours average burn time)

IRISH SETTER BOOTS- Irish Setter has a boot to meet your needs. Built by people who know boots, inside and out. Designed for repeated compression and durability over time. Featuring 90% post-consumer recycled fibers made from plastic bottles, this unique low-bulk construction maintains loft and traps body heat even when compressed. Coupled with a permanent water repellent treatment with high-density construction, this insulation keeps feet warm in dry or wet conditions. An Irish Setter exclusive scent control process, ScentBan is added to various materials from leathers to linings to footbeds, killing bacteria that cause odors.

Garden & Equine Supplies

Whether you are a novice green thumb or an experienced horticulturist, all four of our locations supply a variety of planting seeds, lawn and garden chemicals, garden tools, and fertilizers. Our friendly staff are knowledgeable about the vast lawn and garden selection we carry. At Orange-Madison Coop, we will happily guide you through our selection of herbicides and pesticides, pest and critter control, and even heavy duty equipment like riding lawnmowers and leaf blowers.    

We have listed some of our lawn and garden products below, but it barely scratches the soil surface area! Stop in today at one of our locations in Orange, Louisa, Madison, and Charlottesville because our thumbs are green, too!  

Lawn & Garden 
Our Lawn & Garden section carries a wide variety of lawn and garden supplies. 
Garden Tools

Lawn & Garden Fertilizer

Other Custom Mixes
Bulk Mixes
Bulk Commodities

Equine Supplies

Orange Madison Co-Op has the latest in equine supplies. Visit one of our locations, our friendly staff is ready to help. 

Supplements - Nutrition is important to the health and well-being of any horse. Horse supplements help ensure your horse gets the essential vitamins and minerals required for a happy, healthy life. Put your horse on a regular health regimen with the right supplements today.

Halters and Leads - Horse halters and horse leads are fundamental pieces that every horse owner should have. Equip your horse with a right-fitting halter, and keep an assortment of leads handy, and you’ll be sure that you can take on any situation.

Horseshoes A horseshoe is a fabricated product, normally made of metal, although sometimes made partially or wholly of modern synthetic materials, designed to protect a horse's hoof from wear. Shoes are attached on the palmar surface of the hooves, usually nailed through the insensitive hoof wall that is anatomically akin to the human toenail, although much larger and thicker. Horseshoes are available in a wide variety of materials and styles, developed for different types of horse and for the work they do. The most common materials are steel and aluminum. 

Horse Shampoo - Horse shampoo is formulated to be gentle and non-irritating, infused with a perfume recognized to act like a fly repellent. The conditioner is protein based and can be used after shampooing or anytime needed. Helps stimulate growth and enhances manageability, creating thicker, more natural hair. Aids in detangling, combing and braiding. Grooming your horse is a must! Orange Madison Co-Op carries a variety of shampoos, brushes, sponges, clippers and much more. 

Lawn and Garden Chemicals

Round Up Products
Southern States Products
Ortho Products
Bonide Products
Other Custom Mixes
Bulk Mixes
Bulk Commodities

Lawncare Products (Power Equipment)

Push Lawnmowers
Leaf Blowers
Shop Vacuum

Garden Seeds

Flower Seeds
Vegetable Seeds

Pest Control Products

Traps Bait/Poison
Mouse Traps
Glue Traps
Bug Spray
Animal Repellent
Grub Control
Mole Control

Bird Food/Feeders

Southern States Branded Birdseed
Large Selection of Birdfeeders 
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